Syncrophi is a double award-winner at IMSTA Medtech Awards event

Syncrophi was crowned winner of two of the eight medtech awards at the IMSTA Awards event in Dublin on Sept 27th. We won the eHealth/Digital Health Award and also the Most Cost Effective Product Award. Other award winners included J + J, Medtronic and Becton-Dickinson.

Paediatrics Unit embraces KEWS300

A busy paediatrics unit was the latest to benefit from adopting KEWS300. They used the systems Paediatric Early Warning Score (PEWS) capability which incorporates 10 observation elements for every patient encounter and which has five distinct age-dependent charts.

KEWS300 shortlisted for the 2018 HSJ Patient Safety Awards

The ability of KEWS300 to dramatically enhance patient safety in hospital-ward settings has been recognised by the convenors of the 2018 Patient Safety Congress in the UK. Syncrophi is proud to be shortlisted as a finalist in this important category.

KEWS300 demonstrates its prowess in an Acute Medical Admission Unit

In what was described as the busiest Winter rush ever seen by the hospital KEWS300 was effortlessly adopted by the staff of St Luke’s AMAU as they switched to paperless observation recording, charting and review. The system was configured to accommodate a number of different workflows, all of which supported the NEWS recording and escalation protocols. This included accommodating the special requirements of isolation wards.

KEWS300 selected for site-wide deployment by Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Clydebank, Scotland

Following a markedly successful pilot during the year the KEWS300 system was selected as a site-wide solution in NHS Scotland’s Golden Jubilee National Hospital. The system was seamlessly integrated with a variety of other standard elements of the NHSS eHealth Architecture and was also electronically interfaced with the equipment in use on the ward. The pilot demonstrated its ability to optimally support some of the hospital’s key goals, such as the dramatic reduction of errors associated with the complex National Early Warning Score (NEWS) system, the enhancement of compliance with escalation protocols and the provision of valuable workflow support for nurses, ward managers and doctors.

Health Innovation Hub Ireland selects KEWS300

Health Innovation Hub Ireland ( ) has recognised Syncrophi’s KEWS300 product for its potential to make a real impact within Ireland’s public healthcare system, the HSE. They are assigning a Project Manager to oversee a structured implementation in a targeted public hospital as a reference site.

NSAI re-certifies Syncrophi’s medical-grade quality system yet again

Once again Syncrophi Systems Ltd has achieved a clean bill of health during the annual 2-day audit of our ISO13485 (2012) by our Notified Body, the National Standards Authority of Ireland. This continues our unbroken series of successful assessments since we were first certified in 2008 and underscores our core commitment to medical-grade quality systems.

African health system leaders hosted by Syncrophi

Syncrophi was delighted to host a visit to Galway of the hospital leadership group from South Africa and Kenya who were in Ireland as part of an Enterprise Ireland trade mission. They had the opportunity to see a site-wide example of the use of KEWS300 in a modern hospital setting in the Galway Clinic. A very lively engagement with exceptional levels of interest in the system.

Syncrophi team delivers major software system to Diginewb project consortium

The Syncrophi development team led by Syncrophi Technical Director, Prof. Gerry Lyons, attended the Horizon2020 Diginewb project team bi-annual meeting in Tampere, Finland. The Syncrophi team delivered its first major milestone for this important project: a complete, working prototype which will provide the framework for the project researchers to carry out in-hospital clinical work.

Northwell Health executive reviews KEWS300 installation

Reference site visit by Elaine Brennan, Managing Director of Northwell’s venture group reviewed the application of KEWS300 at a HIMSS-6 certified facility. A very useful visit which included on-ward demonstrations and user discussions plus senior executive perspectives. Further engagement is planned.